Our Offering

MICB specialises in all aspects of the Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP) as well as assisting clients in reclaiming Import Duties under the 5th Schedule of the Customs and Excise Act. We also assist clients in all aspects of Customs legislation including Tariffing and Registrations as well as providing Training in all areas of Global Trade activities and Foreign Exchange Brokerage Services in conjunction with our partner Bank.

Customs Duty Drawbacks

We assist clients to recover duties paid upon the importation of goods by processing duty drawback claims in terms of the following provisions of the Customs and Excise Act

  1. Refund item 521, 522– where goods are imported and Re-exported
  2. Refund Item 536- Where Imported Components are supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers
  3. Refund item 538 – where Import Rebate Credit Certificates are used to offset duties on Motor vehicle component imports

APDP Programme

We assist companies in the Automotive industry to access benefits through the Automotive Development Programme (APDP) and the new Replacement Programme (APDP2) which is administered by International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC)

  1. Form C1 / Form C2
    Formulate and prepare the imported component value declaration on the Form C1 / Form C2
  2. Standard Material and Component Declarations (SMD)
    Formulate and prepare Standard and Non-Standard Material Declarations
  3. Co-ordinate the External audit Process
    In conjunction with the clients nominated auditors
  4. Production Incentive Applications
    Formulate and prepare the Production Incentive (PI) applications
    Submit PI applications together with all relevant supporting documentation to ITAC
    Client may utilise the proceeds of the PRCC / PRC at his discretion
    MICB has the ability to trade–off PRCC / PRC proceeds on behalf of the client

Global Trade Training

We provide training and workshops covering a variety of export and import related topics including

  1. Export Documentation
  2. Import Customs procedures
  3. Incoterms
  4. Managing Foreign exchange risk
  5. Tailor made in-house training courses
  6. How to manage risks in International Trade

Forex Services

In conjunction with our FSP accredited partner, and Banking partner, we assist clients in all aspects of Foreign Exchange, including competitive Exchange rates and simplifying the administration around Forex

SARS Customs Registration

Tarrif Revisions

ITAC Registrations

ITAC Permit Applications

AIS Applications